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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a gas main break believes a mass of the evening commute. >> storms tear through the region and this morning thousands are still without power. we will have the latest numbers. >> we are in for a summer scorcher. it could be one of the hottest days of the year so far. "good morning washington at 5:00 a.m." starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's tuesday july 12. i am synne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. we begin with meteorologist steve rudin. >> tried to find some shade. it's going hot. a heat advisory goes into effect at noon and we couldn't even be flirting with record-breaking temperatures. look at the temperatures outside
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at this hour at 5:00 in the morning. 72 in gaithersburg, 77 in fredericksburg. the heat advisory is for the area stated in orange. montgomery prince george's county the district, alexandria fairfax. although frederick county and washington county are not shaded warrant, they will still be hot. the dew point level in the 70's. there could be spotty storms later on today. 95-100 with the heat index around 100-105. we will look at some cooler air on the way in a few minutes. there was a gas main break last night. we are taking new to the clarksburg this morning. between 270 and 355 on 121, one
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lane is getting by in each direction. 270 is open in a direction in that area. back to you. >> thank you. temperatures will rise close to 100 degrees today. >> that's right. those conditions could cause big problems. brianne carter is live on the national mall as we get ready for today's east.-- today's heat. >> usually we filigrees at this time of the morning, a petite is already in washington. today is going to be even worse than yesterday. another day of heat and humidity. while this is part of what summer in washington is like, people are taking precautions. many try to gaps out during predict many try to get out during the early morning or late evening. we will feel that again today. on days likeness its can
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certainly be unhealthy and potentially dangerous. officials with the fire department say that they do see an increase in calls on days like this. they are urging everyone to stay hydrated and stay in the status possible. we are certainly going to be dealing with the heat. -- stay and the shade,. people in the midwest, the south, and the northeast are doing all they can to stay cool. there are heat advisory is in 20 states. but he is expected to stick around for a few more days. -- the heat is expected to stick around. a lightning strike is to blame for a fire in rockville. flames broke out at 8:30. no one was hurt. and in northern virginia the storm toppled trees on to roads
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and brought down power lines and left thousands without electricity. our weather team is tracking your forecast 24 hours a day. you can read more about the dangerous of the related illnesses. tech on the weather tab of of our web site investigators are trying to find out what caused a fire that destroyed a synagogue on the upper east side of new york city. it started at 8:30 last night. a firefighter suffered minor injuries when the roof collapse. the synagogue had been undergoing renovations. the congregation does plan to rebuild. quite a loss. 76 degrees outside. >> still ahead last-minute preparations under way at the nation prepares to say goodbye to a former first lady. services today for that report.
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>> we will get the results of the latest round of deficit discussions and find out what is on the agenda as leaders meet again today. that's coming up in a live report. >> first another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. we are [ kimberly ] when i was 19,
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time for a look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we are going to check in with steve rudin. this could be as courter today. >> there could be record- breaking heat across the area. >> -- >> this could be a scor cher. >> 80 degrees right now and the district, 79 in delaware close to the beach, 77 in arlington 77 in capitol heights. code orange air quality today and heat advisory. once we get through this afternoon, slightly cooler and drier tomorrow. thursday and friday and it looks absolutely great with low humidity and daytime highs in the mid 80's. we will talk about the beats
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forecasts in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. looks good across the wilson bridge, the american legion bridge in and out of baltimore. in virginia, there's a crash on 95 northbound to before the hov entrance at dumphries currently blocking the left lane. falls church, 66 westbound, they are tapering down to the left lane. westbound glebe road, ongoing construction remains. back to you. >> thank you. 5:09 76 degrees. temperature's rising. >> the pentagon investigating reports that thousands of military contractor passwords have been leaked. >> and the stalemate over the deficit continues. and today's meeting at the white house bring about a deal? more on that story coming up. >> google gets ready to launch another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright.
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welcome back. checking our top stories at 5:11. a commuter nightmare in montgomery county is over. a stretch of 270 is back open. travelers were stranded for hours after a construction crew hit a gas main in clarksburg. the roads were closed while crews finished repairing that break. maryland state police issued an amber alert for eight-year- old darrick brown, jr. two men abducted him in baltimore last night. he was wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt. they believe the suspects were driving a newer light green ford taurus with maryland tags. authorities are planning a lightning strike for fire that damaged a rockville home. the storms also brought down
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trees in manassas. thousands of people without power. looking at the day ahead a memorial will be held in palm desert, california for betty ford. she died friday at the age of 93. she co-founded an addiction treatment center that's sprung out of her own struggles with substance abuse. cokie roberts and rosalynn carter will speak at today's service. another service will be held thursday in michigan. another day of meetings ending with no deal as lawmakers debate over the nation's debt limit. and leaders from both parties will go back to the bargaining table once again as time is running out. karen travers has a look ahead. good morning. >> good morning. president obama 6 down once again today with a deeply divided congress. -- and deeply divided
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congressional leaders. yesterday ruled out a temporary increase to raise the nation's debt ceiling. >> its not going to get easier, it will get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off a band-aid, eat our peas. >> the president gave lawmakers a homework assignment. he asked them to come back today with a plan that would take the total deficit-reduction to $2.40 trillion. the white house feels that figure could be enough to get republicans on board. the key sticking point is taxes. the tax increases and not to be part of that package. if the government default on its statusdebt americans will see an immediate impact on their retirement plans and on their stock portfolios. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning hackers
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stole thousands of increase in military passwords from a government contractor hamilton. the passwords could be used to break into military e-mail accounts. the company says it does not comment on the threats or attacks against the system. >> the pentagon says it was aware and is coordinating with other federal partners. google's new electronic reader is set to go on sale. now the details. >> google's first integrated electronic reader goes on sale sunday. it will be the first device to let readers connect directly with the local bookstore over wi-fi. $140 and will debut exclusively at targets. ncaa football 12, the latest version of the college football franchise teachers more realistic game play and allows for more extensive customization. it's the ultimate heisman trophy winning experience.
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>> if you like college football, you will need to check this out. it has everything you want to experience as a college football fan. you can play, try to win the heisman trophy,, you can be the coach, try to win the national championship, play against your friends in house and online. >> it goes on sale today. those are your "tech bytes." new this morning traffic was stuck in a comic county after a six-hour nightmare last night. a gas main forced 270 to close during the evening rush hour. jummy olabanji joins us from the scene and clarksburg to bring us up-to-date. we hope for big improvements. >> there are some big improvements. right now we are on marylanders route 121, clarksburg road right off interstate 270. both roads have reopened, good news for commuters. the work still continues behind
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us. there are crews from washington gas here continuing to try to get this gas leak cleared up. this should not affect the morning commute is the good news. we have seen video of yesterday as a six-mile stretch of 270 was closed. that backed up traffic during evening rush hour from frederick, maryland, to gaithersburg. hundreds of people were trapped in their cars six hours. the cause was the gas leak that happened yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon. a construction crew working hits and eight-inch natural gas line. neighbors complained of the ride and a smell that you gatwicet with gas mains. they worked 30 feet below ground. here's what a fire department official had to say. >> the contractor had their safety officers and supervisors
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and add the areas surveyed. they knew where they were going. this was just an unidentified line that was missed by someone. >> fire officials are trying to figure out how this line when the unidentified. right now you can see that crews are still working out here. they say it should not affect the morning commute. to be on the safe side, if you are planning to use 121 or 270 you may want to add a little extra time for your commute. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news reporting. 5:18. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. record-breaking? >> i know. it seems like we were doing this a couple weeks ago. now we have another round. we were sleeping during this thunderstorms last night. a lot of folks were awakened. the storms moved through or around 8:00 or 9:00 and we heard them. the good news is they are long
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gone as we move into this tuesday morning. looking outside at annapolis maryland the sun is about to rise. there's no rain right now, but thunderstorms could develop later this afternoon. 78 degrees at reagan national airport. the dew point is in the los 70's -- low 70's. 76 degrees right now in gaithersburg. 74 degrees in alexandria, wind out of the west at 5 miles an hour. if temperatures holding in the 70's input. -- 70's. there's going to be in heat advisory starting at noon time including the district and surrounding counties. off to the west's even though you will not be under the heat advisory, it will still be hot and humid, very uncomfortable. dew point level in the 70's 8.
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the heat advisory will stretch up and down the east coast and even to the delmarva beaches. a line of storms that moved through last night are long gone. the beats forecasts mid 80's today with the heat index to make it feel like 90 or so. a comfortable day on wednesday with a stance of a few thunderstorms. -- beach forecast. for us temperatures will be in the 70's the tonight. 85 degrees by thursday and friday with lower humidity levels. thursday and friday, if you have those days off you would be very lucky. here's what's going on with traffic, lisa baden. there's an accident and there's construction still an issue for friends in virginia.
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the accident is 95 northbound before the hov entrance in dumphries. the left lane is closed. give yourself extra time. 66 westbound at glebe road for construction. that is out of ballston to get to the foster to metro. 270 southbound, building volume expected out of tysons. no troubles are 95 or 295. looks good on 228 and 210 and into the district, and metro rail is on normal service. 5:21, 75 degrees. >> relief is on the way later this week. and while the nation continues to celebrate the u.s. women's triumphs, they try to stay focused on the goals. today on "oprah," the out of this world life of star world predicts "star wars actress carrie fisher, 4:00 on abc 7.
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>> : toledo. >> the bronx bombers out lead boston to win the crown. and a battle in the midsummer
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classic. >> now the latest for the u.s. soccer team. >> good morning. when the country's first galvanized around women's soccer, there was a symbolic t- shirt wave for the excitement. that was absent this time around. dean usa had won the biggest comebacks in the history of the sport. -- team usa. there's across to abby wambach for her second world cup goal. hope solo coming big again to put the u.s. up. and there is the winning goal. the u.s. won the game in dramatic fashion and they will face france tomorrow. >> i think we are writing our own story and we will not go home without a fight and without that cup. it's we will put that support in our back pocket and move forward as a team and get ready for france. >> that is a look at your
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morning sports. have a great day. >> they're going into this with a lot of momentum. very optimistic. >> i am as well. and for good reason. there brazil game was unbelievable. >> they are talented. seven the 5 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. -- 75 degrees. >> and ahead, which local county plans to put a stop for a ban on smoking. >> dangerous heat has people seeking relief. that story's coming up. ♪>> daytime highs around 95-100 with heat advisory starting at noon. ♪
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a powerful storms caused damage and knocked out power all across the region just as we prepare for a day of repressive heat. good morning, washington. it's tuesday july 12. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us. steve rudin, we are under an heat advisory. >> if that goes into effect at noon and extends through the early evening. we could see heat index readings around 100-105 degrees. look at what's going on at this hour. 78 degrees at reagan national at 5:30 this morning right now.
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there will be rapid warm up during the morning. the areas shaded in orange tabby heat advisory, including the district. even though frederick county and loudoun county are not under the heat advisory, it will still be uncomfortable. there's a front that will bring us a chance of a few showers and embedded thunderstorms. 95-100 for the daytime high, that could tie or break records at all three local major airports. it let's get an update on the rush hour commute this morning with lisa baden. it's a better morning than it was afternoon with a gas main break in clarksburg yesterday. 121 is where we take you live between 270 and 355 traffic is able to get through in both directions. 66 westbound as lingering road work at glebe road that will be there another 30 minutes.
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95 maryland northbound, and accidents reported at the exit for jessup. traffic is moving again on route 121 in clarksburg, maryland. nearby 270 in montgomery county was closed for several hours last night after a cruise hit a gas line in clarksburg. commuters were trapped in their cars overnight. 270 reopened at 11:00 last night. some roads were closed while they finished repairing the break. jummy olabanji will give us more on that in a little while. temperatures are expected to climb close to 100 today. >> and the oppressive conditions could cause problems. brianne carter is live on the national mall as we get ready for today's east -- heat. >> we can feel the humidity already this morning. we are talking about
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temperatures and heat index is -- heat indexes that could be potentially dangerous for people outside. we have seen a number of people running this morning, trying to beat the heat. you will want to stay inside as possible and stay hydrated and stay in the shade. a lot of people will probably be setting up the sprinklers and getting into the pools as quickly as possible. emergency officials say this day could potentially turn dangerous due to dehydration and heatstroke. fire officials say this could have an impact on them. >> we expect an increase of calls to be tough on our people. >> they say in recent days they have seen an increase in calls from the heat. they are urging everyone to stay hydrated and get into the shade
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when possible. if you back to be here for a prolonged time, it can be dangerous. you will want to get out of the sun when you can. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we are on storm watch this morning. people will spend the day dealing with a damaged left behind by last night's storm. a lightning strike sparked this fire at a home in rockville. no one was hurt. there was also damaged in northern virginia. the storms brought down trees in manassas. fallen trees knocked down power lines leading to thousands of people in the dark. we are tracking your forecast 24 hours a day. there's live radar, local severe weather, and you can read more about the dangerous of he- related illnesses -- heat-
5:34 am
related illnesses. click on the weather tab of our website, in the philadelphia car hit a tree and burst into flames. jesse jones, of lanham was killed and his son was injured. manuel marshal, of cheverly, was killed. there's an amber alerts in maryland. eight-year-old darrick brown jr. was last seen in baltimore at 6:30 yesterday. they believe he was abducted by two men. the suspects could be driving a newer light green ford taurus with maryland tags. alone on high school football coach has died. steve trimble from bishop o'connell high school, died of a heart attack. he leaves behind his wife and
5:35 am
four sons. his death comes weeks after a former teacher at bishop o'connell disappeared. thomas duesterhaus died after he was told is -- a town booster house disappeared after he was told his contract would not become renewed -- thomas duesterhaus disappeared. there could be a smoking ban at apartment houses and playgrounds soon. a woman faces at least 21 years in prison after being found guilty of a killer manslaughter and drunk driving charges from february. she gets and killed two people in february of 2010. two victims were exchanging information after a vendor vendor. a soldier wounded in afghanistan is set to become only the second live in
5:36 am
recipient ever of the medal of honor. president obama will tour the nation's highest military honor to sergeant first class leroy ptry. he was throwing a grenade away from a fellow soldiers in afghanistan. he lost a hand and suffered shrapnel wounds. 75 degrees outside, 5:36. >> the end of an era for one source of information for local telephone customers. >> and pepco received a dubious distinction. but is the title fair? find out how you can weigh in on it. >> first, another check on traffic and weather every ten
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sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoff# ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i wi oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. the university of maryland department of public safety on the university maryland campus in college park wishes you a -- good morning, washington. >> a lot of enthusiasm. >> absolutely. good morning, washington. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes 5:39. >> today is going to be even hotter. you don't even have on the jacket. >> i know. this afternoon it's going to be
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uncomfortable outside. could break some records. 99 is the current record at reagan national. 97 at bwi marshall and dulles airport. looking outside, a nice warm up under way already. 79 in the district, 78 on fennville island, 77 in arlington, 76 in capitol heights. -- 78 on fenwick island. there could be heat index readings around 100-105 degrees today. heat and humidity on the way. coming up, the extended outlook and better days ahead in terms of the weather. first, the rush-hour commutes with lisa baden. looks pretty good in virginia on 66 eastbound building in volume. 95 is last in northbound, delays cleaving the marine base. in dumphries on left side of
5:41 am
the highway. there is a wreck in maryland, southbound 95 near route 132 the one that will take you to baltimore. on canal road in north was d.c., a major project to replace a crack water main is under way. canal road has two lanes and one of those lanes has been closed in the palisades area. the project is expected to last through september. you will want to find a detour. >> be prepared for slowdowns. we have 75 degrees on this tuesday. >> temperatures keep climbing. the new details about the dui arrest of hines ward. >> and how big fan won a date with the this actress.
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welcome back. the checking our top stories president obama and congressional leaders will meet once again today to try to hammer out an agreement to reduce the nation's debt. democrats want the deal to include tax increases but republicans say no way. temporary measures to raise the nation's borrowing limits have been ruled out by the president. the first model service for betty ford will take place today. michelle obama and three former first lady is expected to attend. mrs. betty ford will be laid to rest in michigan later this week. wikileaks founder julian assange is scheduled to be in a british courtroom today. his lawyers will try to prevent him from being extradited to sweden to face questions on rape and sexual molestation charges. he denies the allegations. i want to take a look at news from around the nation. of texas rangers fan and
5:46 am
firefighter who died while trying to catch a baseball has been later rest. family and friends and fellow firefighters turned out for shannon stone's funeral. he was at the game with his six- year-old son. he fell over railing while trying to catch a ball that was tossed to him by johns hamilton, his son's favorite player. we're learning more about the rest of pittsburgh steelers hines ward. he was arrested overnight on friday after his aston martin struck a curb and then made several and changes if without signaling. the report also states that he told officers he did have the two drinks. if convicted, the former super bowl mvp could spend up to a year in jail and pay a $1,000 fine. it's no secret that most pepco customers are not thrilled with the power company. >> wasis it the most traded
5:47 am
company in america? the utility is the most hated company in america. the average customer dealt with 70% more outages than customers of other utilities and the lights stayed off more than twice as long. >> you have to be. bad to get that kind of reputation. >> the trees that grow down here are tremendous and is a tough job. >> pepco says it's working hard to improve service and reliability and is upgrading systems and trimming trees to prevent power outages. >> to bewe want to know what you think. l clique'sleave a comment on >> people put do realize it's partly the environment we live in that contributes to all the
5:48 am
outages with all these trees. >> pepco is trying to improve service. so go to our web site. >> pit on a day like today it's not easy to be without power. >> a lot of folks don't have air-conditioning. and usually the district opens up the cooling centers. i cannot find anything for cooling centers for today on the d.c. government web site. maybe they will change that because we have been heat advisory that goes into effect at noon today until 8:00. heat index is around 100 degrees or so. if they change things, we will have it on our web site. a few clouds in annapolis at this hour. the sun has risen. a big warmup will happen this morning. 78 degrees currently at reagan national. 72 degrees in alexandria. at the boardwalk at rehoboth beach, 78 degrees.
5:49 am
75 degrees in upper northwest d.c. 81 degrees in martinsburg, 77 in fredericksburg, 75 in quantico. the heat advisory is from noon until 8:00 tonight areas shaded in orange. that includes the district. it does not include loudoun county or frederick, but it will still be very hot and uncomfortable. could be looking at a record- breaking heat. 97 degrees is the record at bwi marshall. 99 at reagan national. the heat advisory stretches from the delmarva peninsula to the deep south. areas shaded in pink, those are excessive heat warnings. heat index wreadings as high as 116 in those areas expected today. a few pop up storms later on today. 86 degrees on the beaches today.
5:50 am
84 tomorrow. we will feel more like 100-105 in our area. a 70-77 tonight. not as hot and humid tomorrow, a chance of a few storms. thursday and friday, mid 80's with drier air. is your on-line home for abc 7 weather. it's a good morning as far as traffic on 66 eastbound. a little slow in manassas and fair oaks. let's go to press down 66, because at glebe road there was lingering road work. it appears everything is gone. let's talk about travel times. giving you the green light in virginia northbound on 95. there's a crash moved through the shoulder in dumphries. it will improve leaving the marine base. 95 south at the exit for
5:51 am
columbia is where there is a crash. back to you. >> thank you. door town gets a little flare from a trendy new york furniture store. >> and veterans coming home from the middle east are faced with joblessness. linda bell is joining us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. the unemployment among recently returned veterans is not looking good. the jobless rate for veterans who served at any time since september of 2001 was up more than 13% in june. that is higher than a month before. that could get even worse as soldiers returned from iraq and afghanistan. stocks this morning not looking very good. shaping up for a lower open. the dow jones indicated to open 90 points lower. and trendy furniture retailer west elm is coming to the georgetown neighborhood this
5:52 am
thursday. this saturday to lonski opening day will give away pops to help you beat the heat and some of those may contain discount coupons. theselinda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> anybody could use some new free furniture. 75 degrees. >> we will be right back.
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verizon customers in virginia will need a new way to find out on numbers, because the company is ending the are atomized delivery -- automatic delivery of the white pages. it will still be available on- line and customers can still request a free printed version or cd-rom. delivery of business and government pages as well as the yellow pages will continue. you don't have to go far for a hot club. d.c.'s 930 clu is rated the second hottest.
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-- the 930 club. it is topped only by a ballroom in new york city in the bowery. a marine stationed in afghanistan is going on a date with the girl of his dreams. >> sergeant scott moore invited mila junis to the marine corps ball. she accepted over the weekend after her friend justin timberlake told her about the soldier. she will go on the date with him. >> good for her. >> i have been to that the ball and it is a lot of fun. it's great to support our marines. there's a lot more to come
5:57 am
in the next half-hour. >> coming up x 6:00, if we have the latest on the deficit debates. the president democrats and republicans to the negotiating table once again. >> crews continue to work on the gas leak that sent down a major highway for more than six hours today. i am jummy olabanji live in clarksburg. i will have details for your morning commute, coming up. >> and lisa baden will help you navigate your tuesday morning commute. traf
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5:59 am
coming up, repairs continue in montgomery county after a gas main break. what will this mean for your morning commute? >> strong storms tear to the region. the cleanup continues this morning. >> in for a summer scorcher today a, what could be one of the hottest days of the year so far. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this tuesday july 12. thanks for tuning in. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we will a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa baden standing by.